8th March, Working Woman Day declaration, follow the example of the iranians and afgans women against the feminicides and the fundamentalism

The Day of the Working Woman corresponds to a long tradition of struggle, mobilizations, strikes and more, condensed by the II International Conference of Socialist Women in 1910 and later by the Russian Revolution of 1917 under the slogan of “bread and peace” against the monarchy, the bosses and the imperialist war, being appropriated by the United Nations Organization until 1977 and transforming it into the “International Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace” in a Cold War context, where said enunciation had the purpose of eradicating the anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and emancipatory character beyond suffragism or reforms, without forgetting the anti-patriarchal character.

Today worldwide the fight for the emancipation of women has had a serious setback. A hundred years ago, the revolutionary waves reached extremely advanced conquests, but in the face of the defeat of the international revolution, now a handful of families and countries at a planetary level are responsible for great devastation each time more aggravated throughout the globe. The warlords and money then do their thing, the confronting imperialisms of the East and the West, while leaving misery, terror and death in their wake. Hence, the most retrograde and vile groups promote fundamentalist, slave-owning or openly bloodthirsty regimes and practices, that crime amplifies their disgusting businesses and that the consequences of the economic, climatic and social polycrisis have a special gender impact.

That is why, from International Left, we reaffirm our solidarity, support and claim for the struggle of Iranian and Afghan women against their theocratic states, as well as the movements against female mutilation, femicide, trafficking, physical punishment, abuse, discrimination, against all oppression without justification, we do not want a world with rapists and impunity. We also support the struggles to improve the conditions and rights of working women, equal pay and jobs, the right to health, housing, the right to desired maternity, the free and full exercise of their sexuality, political rights, the right to legitimate defense, among others, being aware that the only guarantee of consistent and substantial improvement is revolutionary change.

The comrades grouped around International Left emphasize the indispensable centrality of the character of class independence in the revolutionary struggle, the advances that have been achieved in certain sectors must be expanded and developed globally and massively, we take the opportunity to invite these objectives to be taken into our hands and build a solid vanguard against capitalist and patriarchal extinctionism. We will not maintain the submission and patience of the capitalist and pratriarchal State so that in 500 years, when extinction has already made us dust, they ‘grant’ us ‘equality’, it does not empower us to integrate into the exploitative and oppressive class and oligarchies, we must today for today promote our independent unity, organization and self-defense and attack under democratic discussion in the streets, the neighborhood, work, communities and cities.

No confidence in the bourgeois state, its justice, the churches and the police!

Let’s organize against femicide, trafficking, cutting, kidnapping and abuse!

We will win this fight at all costs!

Socialism or Extinction!

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